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Welcome to the Cradle Coast Authority

The Cradle Coast Authority is a joint authority created by the nine councils of North West Tasmania  to facilitate the sustainable development of the region, resolve regional issues and coordinate regional-scale activity.

Our purpose is to represent our councils and their communities as a region.

The Authority is currently engaged in a wide range of regional initiatives including:

  • Tourism
  • Natural Resource Management (NRM)
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Healthy Communities Toolkit
  • Education, Training and Workforce Development
  • Industry Development
  • Local Government services
  • Facilitating the Regional Planning Initiative and Land Use Strategy
  • Other issues identified by the Board or Councils, and agreed to by the Representatives

These initiatives contribute to the Cradle Coast region's vision of being a strong region of councils known for its positive people, sustainable economy, strategic thinking and the wellbeing of its communities.


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Visitor data promising for excellent peak season
Latest data from the Tasmanian Hospitality Association (THA) shows the Cradle Coast region is maintaining its higher than usual occupancy rates in the lead up to the peak tourism season. The October report shows the North West has hit 58.53% occupancy – up more than 5% on the previous month and one of the highest on record for 12 years....
Lake Barrington community action planning
Work is now underway to revise the community action planning for the Lake Barrington Recreation Management Framework. The Framework is significant for Cradle Coast Authority as it includes involvement of three Local Councils in the Cradle Coast region as well as numerous associations and government bodies.

Lake Barrington is widely known for its rowing course and facilities which, together with the natural asset of the lake, contribute to the State, regional and local economy.The Framework plan outlines areas of potential to further develop activities and events to enhance
the precinct.

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