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Natural Resource Management

Covering approximately one third of the state, the Cradle Coast region is renowned for its unique and diverse environment, pristine wilderness, rugged mountains, extensive forests, untouched coastlines, old mining towns and productive agricultural landscapes (not to mention the cleanest air in the world). The iconic Cradle Mountain and the Franklin and Gordon Rivers are part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area within the Cradle Coast region.

Who are Cradle Coast NRM?

Cradle Coast NRM comprises of a Committee plus dedicated staff with expertise in agriculture, water, coastal and biodiversity management, and community engagement.  Collectively Cradle Coast NRM helps identify regional natural resource management priorities, prepare regional strategies, promote NRM principles, and supports the implementation of NRM activities.

Cradle Coast NRM is an independent committee hosted by the Cradle Coast Authority.

What is NRM?

Natural Resource Management (NRM) is the understanding of the financial, social and environmental benefits we gain from our natural resources and the protection of those resources for future generations.  Natural resources are all around us - they are the physical environment of the land, waterways and coasts; and the living systems, plants and animals they sustain. NRM includes all the things that people do in the Cradle Coast to ensure that our natural assets remain healthy and productive.

Why NRM?

To develop and maintain a healthy region, the environment, society and economy must all be in good condition and work together. Healthy regions rely on us managing and using our natural resources wisely.

Cradle Coast NRM as a Regional NRM Body

Cradle Coast NRM is one of 56 regional NRM bodies in Australia. Under the Tasmanian NRM Framework and Act 2002, the State Government facilitated the establishment of Regional NRM Committees (Bodies) for three regions in the State (south, north and north-west). The Committee is responsible for identifying regional NRM priorities, preparing strategies and promoting NRM principles.

ie The NRM Committee

A hands on approach

Cradle Coast NRM staff provide information, resources and technical support to landholders, local government, community groups, schools and others working to improve land, air and water quality in their community.

Visit the Cradle Coast NRM website.


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