Cradle Coast Authority, Council & Government Tasmania


The Authority's Representatives

Representatives receive minutes of all Board meetings and report to their respective Councils on Authority matters and issues raised at Representative meetings.

Central Coast Council Mayor, Chief Representative Jan Bonde
Latrobe Council Mayor, Deputy Chief Representative Peter Freshney
Burnie City Council Deputy Mayor Alvwyn Boyd
Burnie City Council General Manager Andrew Wardlaw
Central Coast Council General Manager
Sandra Ayton
Circular Head Council Mayor Daryl Quilliam
Circular Head Council
General Manager Tony Smart
Devonport City Council Mayor Steve Martin
Devonport City Council General Manager Paul West
Kentish Council Mayor Don Thwaites
Kentish Council General Manager Gerald Monson
King Island Council Deputy Mayor Jim Cooper
King Island Council General Manager David Laugher
Latrobe Council Mayor Peter Freshney
Latrobe Council General Manager Gerald Monson
Waratah-Wynyard Council Mayor Robby Walsh
Waratah-Wynyard Council Deputy Mayor Mary Duniam
West Coast Council Mayor Phil Vickers
West Coast Council General Manager Dirk Dowling