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Regional Planning Initiative

To learn more about the interim planning schemes, their purpose, zones and how they are consistent across the region, refer to this Guide to the Cradle Coast region Interim Planning Schemes - Toward Consistency.

Refer to the Tasmanian Planning Commission website for information on continuing reforms to the Tasmanian land use planning system; or visit for access to the content of each interim planning scheme.

The Cradle Coast Regional Land Use Strategy 2010 - 2030

A Land Use Planning Strategy has been produced and declared by the Minister for Planning as part of the Cradle Coast Regional Planning Initiative under an agreement between the State Government and the nine Councils of the Cradle Coast region.
The Strategy is a statement of planning policy which has statutory effect.

pdfDownload a copy of the Regional Land Use Strategy here.


Interim Planning Schemes came into effect across the Cradle Coast region on 19 October 2013.

A two-month period of public comment on the region’s nine Interim Planning Schemes followed. Thank you to everyone who provided input. 

The nine Councils of the Cradle Coast region provided a joint report the Tasmanian Planning Commission in July 2014 in relation to each matter in each of the representations made on the exhibited interim planning schemes. 

The report set out the views and opinions of each of the planning authorities on each matter, and made a recommendation for whether a change is required to the interim planning scheme.  A copy of the report can be viewed here

The Tasmanian Planning Commission (TPC) initiated a hearing process in November 2014 to assess each interim planning scheme in terms of compliance to the policy and prescriptive requirements of the Tasmanian planning system, the matters raised in representations, and the planning authorities' comments in response.

Amendments to the land use planning legislation (Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993) became effective on 1st January 2015.

The amendments modify the process for assessment and determination of interim planning schemes.  There is no longer a requirement for the Tasmanian Planning Commission (TPC) to conduct hearings in relation to representations, or to finalise interim planning schemes.  The amendments seek to simplify completion of the current interim planning scheme process in preparation for introduction of a single planning scheme for Tasmania. 

The TPC is still required to complete a review of the interim planning schemes and to advise the Minister for Planning whether it is necessary to make changes to improve interpretation and operation of the planning schemes.  The review is to take account of matters raised in representations and by the planning authorities in their joint report.  However, there is no requirement that people making representations must be heard by the TPC in person.

Please continue to visit this website for updates on the Interim Planning Scheme