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Regional Tourism

The Cradle Coast Authority has a dedicated team of tourism personnel, guided by the Cradle Coast Tourism Executive, who are responsible for creating local, regional and state partnerships, and implementing strategies to ensure that the region maximises its tourism potential.  The Authority has a Service Agreement with Tourism Tasmania to deliver strategies and programs at a regional and local level and acts as the regional tourism organisation for north west and west coast of Tasmania.

Tourism Projects

Cradle Mountain Master Plan

It’s here! The Master Plan to bring Cradle Mountain to its full potential as a destination of global significance is now released. This is the start of the journey and we want you to be involved in this important project that spans tourism, business, community and environment. Click the link to the Cradle Mountain Master Plan section.

Tourism Employment Plan

The Executive Summary of the Tourism Employment Plan- North West and West Coasts of Tasmania (including King Island) is available by clicking here

Please forward any comments about the plan to by June 22 2016. 

Are you thinking of starting up your own tourism business or do you currently operate one? Whether you are just contemplating entering the tourism and hospitality industry or are already established, this Toolbox aims to help you reach your business potential.  The Toolbox has been developed as a part of an Australian Government initiative to develop a Tourism Employment Plan for the North West and West Coast of Tasmania, including King Island. It provides an overview of the available resources and programmes that are designed to help you achieve business success. The Toolbox includes information on the following: 

• Tourism Employment Plan
• Understanding Visas
• Supporting Your Business
• Developing Your Business
• Skilling Your Staff
• Finding Employees
• Useful Contacts

You can read the Overview by here

Download the Toolbox 

Cradle Coast Visitor Services Review

 The Visitor Services Review has been completed to:
•    Confirm the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders involved in providing visitor services
•    Explore different approaches for the delivery of visitor services
•    Identify ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of visitor services
•    Describe opportunities to increase cooperation between stakeholders in the delivery of visitor services throughout the Cradle Coast region.

Download the Cradle Coast Visitor Services Review.

This project was supported by member Councils and funding from the Australian Government's Local Government Reform Fund.

Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail

The Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail has been developed recognising that the region needs to adopt a more ‘experience-focused’ approach to attracting visitors and tourism spend.

The concept is the result of the increasing density of food-related businesses value-adding the region’s produce and the state’s growing reputation as a food tourism destination.

The ATDW brochure is available to download here.

Cradle Coast Tourism Executive Members
as at 02/08/2016.

Rod Stendrup (Chairman)
John Dabner - Tall Timbers
Stuart Jones - Devonport City Council
Justin McErlain - The Waterfront Wynyard 
Clint Walker - Stanley Seaview Inn, Horizon Deluxe and Burnie City Apartments
Carolyn Nissen - Western Wilderness Tourism Association
Debbie Grice - Quality Hotel Gateway
Fleur Fallon
Lyndon Jago - Stay Tasmania
Alicia Peardon - Hundred Acres at Ghost Rock
Kirk Pinner - Outside the Square Solutions
Nik Deka - Parks and Wildlife (Observer)
Ian Waller - Cradle Coast Authority (Observer)