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Cradle Coast Waste Management Group

The Cradle Coast Waste Management Group (CCWMG) represents north west Tasmanian municipal areas participating in the voluntary waste levy.  There are five landfills and ten transfer stations in the region that dispose of approximately 91,000 tonnes of waste per year.  The CCWMG was formed in 2007 and is hosted by the Cradle Coast Authority who also provides this regional initiative with administration, financial and communications support.

The CCWMG defines and implements a Strategy and Annual Plan to address four areas:

1. WASTE DIVERSION - diversion of materials from landfill to increase resource recovery, extend the life of existing landfills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from waste.

2. REGIONAL PLANNING & EFFICIENCIES - provide regional planning and coordination of waste infrastructure and services to provide improved resource recovery, delivering efficiencies and reducing costs of services / waste infrastructure.

3. PARTNERSHIPS - maintain partnerships with government, planning authorities and the three waste management regions to shape waste management policies and regulation to influence future regulatory requirements and to identify programs and infrastructure best delivered with a state-side approach.

4. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT - work with the community and industry, through education and feedback, to take ownership of waste avoidance and reuse to improve the use of existing and future services.

CCWMG works closely with the two other waste management regions, Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group and Southern Waste Strategy Authority in the development and delivery of waste management programs and in the sharing of resources and consultancy services.


Rethink Waste Tasmania

Tasmania’s three waste management groups have launched a new website to assist the Tasmanian community in thinking differently about our waste. is a collaborative state-wide initiative of the Cradle Coast Waste Management Group, the Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group and the Southern Waste Strategy Authority that encourages Tasmanians to rethink what we do with our waste at home, at school, in the workplace and when out and about. is encouraging all Tasmanians to continue improving our environment, save energy, and reduce the burden on landfill by rethinking what we do with our waste.  Reducing the level of household waste is an easy exercise in rethinking old habits and watching what goes in our bins. can show you how to get started and keep you going with great tips and ideas throughout the year.

By rethinking what we do, we can make a real reduction to the amount of waste we throw out.  It’s not hard and every little bit helps.

Visit for more information.