Iona Flett
Planning and MERI Coordinator
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Summary: This project will protect the threatened beach-nesting shorebird species, the Hooded Plover, on Three Hummock Island by working towards the eradication of feral cats from the Island, as well as controlling the invasive weed, Sea Spurge, and removing marine debris.

Project Description: This project will create a stronghold for the Hooded Plover, Thinornis rubricollis rubricollis, a priority threatened species, on Three Hummock Island. Activities are designed to reduce the key threats to Hooded Plovers, namely pest animal (feral cat) predation, spread of invasive weeds into nesting areas, and the risk of ingestion and entanglement in marine debris.

The project will protect threatened birds through the implementation of strategic feral cat control in conjunction with project partners Biosecurity Tasmania, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, the Three Hummock Island managers, and Birdlife Australia.

Feral cat control will create an island “safe haven” resulting in reduced mortality of Hooded Plovers and secondary benefits for other native species. Planned project activities will increase the availability of beach nesting habitat for Hooded Plovers by the seasonal control of Sea Spurge infestations, and marine debris clean-ups.

January 2020
Regional Land Partnerships projects are supported by Cradle Coast Authority, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.