The Board of the Cradle Coast Authority (CCA) has unanimously re-appointed Mr Daryl Connelly as CEO. Mr Connelly took over as CEO of the CCA in December 2018 and his reappointment is for a further five years.

CCA Chairman, Board of Directors, Mr Sid Sidebottom, praised the work of Mr Connelly over the past 12 months.

“Daryl has worked diligently, professionally, and successfully to tackle several of the challenges facing CCA at the time. The CCA is now a quite different organisation and is structurally much better prepared to seek and enhance the many opportunities facing our region as well as seeking solutions to our social and economic challenges,” Mr. Sidebottom said.

Mr Sidebottom said the Board was impressed with Daryl’s commitment to the region, his highquality managerial skills, and his ability to attract and lead a talented team of skilled employees delivering economic, social, and environmental services across the region.

“The CCA is owned by our nine regional Councils and requires good communication skills of its CEO across the board, positive working relationships, and high levels of accountability in terms of the use of financial resources and the provision of agreed services and programs. This is also the case with State and Federal funding,” Mr. Sidebottom said.

Mr. Sidebottom said the Board believed Mr. Connelly had all the skills, energy, and vision to consolidate the considerable changes that have occurred in the recent past and to lead the organisation into the future.

CCA Chief Representative, Mayor Jan Bonde, also welcomed the re-appointment of Mr. Connelly.

“Daryl has quickly gained the respect of our nine Councils because of his commitment to the role, his very good communication skills across a variety of stakeholders, and his welldeveloped managerial and leadership skills,” Mayor Bonde said.

“Our region works best when we stand and act together. Daryl has the skills, passion, leadership, and vision to work positively with and for our region, and to enhance the role of the CCA as an important contributor to the Cradle Coast’s future,” Mayor Bonde said.

Mr Connelly said he appreciated the Board and Councils putting their faith in him.

“There is nothing that I would rather be doing. While the past year was challenging for CCA, the commitment of my staff, our Board, Committee Members and Member Councils got us through it. Having seen what we can achieve together, there is no doubt in my mind, that we can become a global exemplar of regional development, local government collaboration and public administration done well” said Mr Connelly.