With a Federal election imminent, the Cradle Coast Authority has released an election “wish list”.

“As the voice for all nine councils in the Cradle Coast, we know our region best and will present our perspective and advice on the region’s current and emerging priorities to the next Federal Government,” Cradle Coast Authority CEO Daryl Connelly said.

“The list of priorities focuses on further investment in industries that are already seeing the benefits of growth – such as our visitor economy – and in areas where we have identified a need for investment, if we are to meet the growing needs of new and emerging industries – such as an industry and employment awareness program.”

The Cradle Coast region boasts a range of competitive advantages and unique offerings. It is a major contributor to the Tasmanian economy, responsible for 21% of Tasmania’s gross state product.

Two of the state’s busiest ports (Devonport and Burnie) are in the Cradle Coast; 848 farms with a gross value of $567M are in the state’s north-west; and more than half of Tasmania’s dairy farms are in the Cradle Coast.

“The Cradle Coast Authority strives to make the Cradle Coast the place to live, learn, visit and invest,” Mr Connelly said.

“We believe investing in these priorities will help us to see that vision realised.”

Cradle Coast Tourism Growth Program

A $10M grants program to help small businesses, community organisations and councils deliver world-class visitor experiences and create jobs in the Cradle Coast region. The program would fund up to 50% of the cost of eligible projects. A minimum project size of $50K, for example, requiring $25K from the proponent will make this grant accessible to a larger range of businesses than similar programs have in the past.

Key benefits:

  • New experiences and attractions developed in the region
  • More visitors, staying longer and spending more
  • Regional dispersal – ensuring visitors venture beyond Cradle Mountain to Circular Head, the West Coast, King Island and other areas in between
  • Will help small businesses overcome the challenge of accessing capital

Commitment sought: At least $10M

State of The Art Organics Composting Facility to facilitate kerbside garden waste collection in the Cradle Coast region

One-off Federal Government investment in a state-of-the-art organics-composting facility with a life span of more than 20 years. This implementation-ready project has been costed and scoped by Dulverton Waste Management and will allow for kerbside garden and kitchen organics collection for 40,000 households throughout the Cradle Coast region.

Key benefits:

  • Convenient kerbside green waste collection for Cradle Coast residents
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Extended landfill life
  • Valuable compost by-product for agricultural, nursery, government and residential re-use

Commitment sought: $5.65M.

Bass Highway Masterplan

A Bass Highway Masterplan will provide Cradle Coast residents and decision makers with the certainty they require, by delivering a detailed, up to date, costed long-term plan for improving and maintaining the Bass Highway from the Latrobe to Circular Head LGAs and in between.

Key benefits:

  • Provides information about long term routing and road quality, giving industry confidence to invest in the region and allows councils to better address the long-term needs of their communities, including zoning and infrastructure requirements.

Commitment sought: $500K

Farm vehicle washdown and effluent dump facilities

Modern washdown and effluent dumping facilities are required at Smithton, Burnie, King Island and Devonport for livestock transport and other vehicles. Funding will make it easier for high volume users and other proponents to co-fund and operate new facilities.

Key benefits:

  • Maintenance of Tasmania’s ‘clean, green’ image amongst locals and visitors
  • Improved animal welfare
  • Improved biosecurity outcomes
  • Improved workplace health and safety outcomes
  • Improved road safety and public amenity on the road

Commitment sought: $4M

Cradle Coast Alive industry and employment awareness program

An initiative developed by the community as part of the Cradle Coast Regional Futures Plan, this program will raise awareness of regional employment opportunities and improve connections between young people, schools and employers, raising aspiration and matching local youth with local careers.

Key benefits:

  • Stronger connections between schools, industry and families
  • Better educational and employment outcomes for young people
  • A skilled workforce to fuel economic growth

Commitment sought: $500K over two years.

Improve health professional recruitment and retention

An initiative developed by the community as part of the Cradle Coast Regional Futures Plan, this project will help overcome health practitioner shortages in the region by working with medical practices, councils and others to attract health professionals to the region and retain them.

Key benefits:

  • New jobs
  • Shorter waiting times
  • Better public health outcomes

Commitment sought: $500K over two years