The Government’s announcement of an investment of $300,000 over two years that will go towards realising the Cradle Coast Regional Futures Plan is a boon for the region.

The Cradle Coast Authority (CCA) led the development of the Cradle Coast Regional Futures Plan throughout 2018 with input from more than 100 key stakeholders.

As well as detailing projects aimed at strengthening the region’s economy, the Futures Plan provides the blueprint for an ambitious new approach to growing the region’s economy.

Two key elements of the Futures Plan include a high-powered Economic Development Steering Group and a Regional Investment Framework for identifying and assessing feasible projects of regional significance.


“CCA developed the Futures Plan with the region, for the region. It’s not just a plan for CCA. It will only work if all stakeholders get behind it,” CCA CEO Daryl Connelly said.

“The Tasmanian Government has done just that, and I thank them very much on behalf of more than 100 key stakeholders, who put their time and effort into developing the plan.”

A key focus of the Plan is ensuring the region has the right people with the right skills to fill the 3,750 new jobs expected to be created between now and mid-2022, plus others that could flow from renewable energy and other development beyond that timeframe.


“This is a big, ambitious undertaking, and will require federal government buy-in, in addition to the support announced by the Premier and generous commitments given by our member councils,” Mr Connelly said.

“CCA’s list of federal election priorities includes $500K per year for two year to bring two important Futures Plan projects to life – one around GP recruitment and the other around supporting young people in their careers, and we urge all federal politicians and aspirants to speak to us about them.”

This announcement will allow CCA to employ a highly skilled person to manage the important project.

“It’s going to take a special person, and they will play an integral role in our business and in our region,” Mr Connelly said.

“While the money tied to this announcement is very important, what is just as important is the partnership this creates.

“The Futures Plan is all about CCA coordinating the efforts of local, state and federal governments, and ensuring those efforts are strategic, place-based and relevant to industry; this announcement represents a commitment to this new way of working together, by the government.”