The Cradle Coast Region is complex and made up of overlapping places, communities and industry sectors. Improving regional economic growth and prosperity for our residents spans many  organisations and responsibilities.

The Cradle Coast Authority (CCA) exists to help connect communities, business and government to work together for the good of the region.

CCA’s regional economic development team exists to provide a lean and agile platform for developing and supporting new ways of working together on the complex tasks that are not effectively being dealt with separately.

It builds on the ability of our communities to develop and implement locally-owned solutions.

our work

The regional economic development team works with local councils, businesses and both state and federal governments. Read more about our work here.

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latest news

The latest communications from Economic Development on the Cradle Coast; press releases, campaign information and other key messages.

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our people

The Economic Development team is made up of Daryl Connelly and Nani Clark, with marketing and media support from Catherine Gale-Stanton and Emily Smith.

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our documents

Access the economic development information you need in one convenient location.

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business information & economic development portals

If you’re looking to explore the possibility of investing in the Cradle Coast, to give you and your company the information you need.
The RED Toolbox

The RED Toolbox

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The Regional Economic Development (RED) Toolbox is a national platform for supporting smart, connected and sustainable regional economic development. Engage and work with others on building capability across industry sectors, promoting export, adding value  and creating a more fertile foundation for jobs and sustainable regions.
Investment Prospectus

Investment Prospectus

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The Prospectus provides essential information about economic, geographic, natural and lifestyle attributes of the Cradle Coast Region. The data explains why the region is the logical choice to establish or expand your business in one of the finest places in the world to live, study and or do business.

Regional Dashboard

Regional Dashboard

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This online interactive resource uses Census and other key data sources data to tell a story about the demographic and economic characteristics of our region. The data is useful for leaders, managers, planners and investors. It is an important tool for evidence-based decision making and can support investment attraction.

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