A Cradle Coast Authority and Industry Partnership


While other regions are setting future renewable energy targets, Tasmania is already on track to become 100% self sufficient on renewable sources by 2022.

While hydro generation provides most of Tasmania’s power, the Cradle Coast is becoming a powerhouse of new wind energy development. The region has some of the best wind resources in the world, lying directly in the path of the renowned “Roaring Forties” that supply steady and consistent wind throughout the year.

The prevalent challenge of green energy production is green energy storage. In Tasmania, this challenge could be met with pumped hydro, leveraging off our existing hydro power generation and transmission assets. Three sites, all in the state’s west and north west, are undergoing further investigation into potential pumped hydro development after being shortlisted in March 2019. Further interconnection across Bass Strait will allow more of Tasmania’s excess green energy to be provided to the National Electricity Market. Following the December 2019 release of the positive technical and economic Business Case for additional interconnection, work on the Marinus Link project is progressing towards the “Design and Approvals” stage in 2020.

The Cradle Coast Future Energy Hub is a new space that will showcase The Cradle Coast’s future energy potential. The Hub will be the place where the Tasmanian renewable energy industry can collaborate and share information with the community and stakeholders, host community engagement events, be the first point of contact to answer questions, and provide information across the broad range of renewable energy opportunities in Tasmania. The Hub is located in the city of Burnie, the connection for Marinus Link and home to Tasmania’s largest general cargo port.

In 2018, renewable energy produced 95% of Tasmania’s electricity generation.

Source: The Australian Energy Update 2019


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