Epuron’s Cradle Coast wind farm projects

Leading Australian renewable energy developer Epuron has been developing renewable energy projects around Australia for 17 years, and currently has three wind farm projects underway in Tasmania’s north-west.

Epuron’s first project in Tasmania is Western Plains Wind Farm, proposed for the tip of the Stanley peninsula. It involves 12 turbines with a total generating capacity of 50.4 megawatts (MW). The project will connect to the grid via an underground powerline to Port Latta substation. It is anticipated that construction will commence at the end of 2021. Find out more about Western Plains Wind Farm here.

Two other Epuron projects in the early stages of investigation and development are Guildford Wind Farm and Hellyer Wind Farm, both situated within the Surrey Hills Estate commercial forestry plantation. The area is particularly suitable for wind farm development with a good wind resource, proximity to the transmission network, compatible land use and distance from residential areas.

The Guildford Wind Farm is proposed for a remote area about 7km north-east of Waratah and 15km south of Hampshire. It would involve up to 80 turbines with an estimated generating capacity of up to 300 MW. Find out more about Guildford Wind Farm here.

The Hellyer Wind Farm is proposed for an area 5km south-west of Hampshire and 30km south of Burnie. It would involve up to 40 turbines with an estimated generating capacity of up to 150 MW. Find out more about Hellyer Wind Farm here.

All three projects will generate considerable employment opportunities and economic benefits for the region during construction, and ongoing jobs during operation.

More information about Epuron’s wind farm projects and expertise is available on its website here

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Tasmanian energy fast facts

  • Tasmania is on track to become 100% self-sufficient in renewables by 2022
  • Tasmania now has a new renewable energy target – 200% of current needs by 2040
  • Tasmania is in the path of the Roaring Forties, winds that blow at consistently high wind speeds and are a fantastic wind resource!