North West energy projects

The West and North West region of Tasmania (the Cradle Coast) is rapidly emerging as a centre for this renewable energy development, with existing and new wind farms, and significant pumped hydro energy storage potential.

The Cradle Coast region is supported by nine local Councils, which together own the Cradle Coast Authority (CCA).

The CCA exists to help connect communities, business and government to work together for the good of the region. Its purpose is to boost regional growth and foster a more resilient economy to lift the living standards of all residents in the region.

Renewable energy has been identified by the CCA as a high value growth sector in the region. Advocating for the region as a centre of excellence for renewable energy is one of the CCA’s priority actions.

The CCA hosts the Future Energy Hub through a partnership between the CCA and the renewable energy industry.

Want to know more about the exciting potential? We’ve compiled a snapshot of renewable energy projects and where they’re up to. You can click through to more information on each project from the links in the table.

Local Government AreaProjectProponentSize (capacity)Current Status
Circular HeadBluff Point Wind FarmWoolnorth Wind64.75 MWOperating
Circular HeadStudland Bay Wind FarmWoolnorth Wind75 MWOperating
Meander Valley, KentishMersey-Forth – 8 run-of-river Hydropower StationsHydro Tasmania338.25 MWOperating
West CoastKing-Yolande – 3 hydropower stationsHydro Tasmania156.5 MWOperating
West CoastPieman – 4 hydropower stationsHydro Tasmania506 MWOperating
King IslandKing Island Advanced Hybrid Power StationHydro Tasmania470 kW solar, 2.45 MW windOperating
West CoastGranville Harbour Wind FarmPalisade Investment Partners112 MWOperating
Circular HeadPort Latta Wind FarmNekon Pty Ltd25 MWPre-construction
LatrobeWesley Vale Solar FarmEpuron12.5 MWPre-construction
Circular HeadJim’s Plain Renewable Energy ParkUPC Renewables240 MWPre-construction
Under Assessment
KentishLake Cethana pumped hydroHydro Tasmania750 MWFeasibility study investigations
BurnieMarinus Link interconnectorTasNetworks2 x 750 MWBusiness Case Assessment complete
Burnie, Central Coast, Kentish, Waratah-WynyardNorth West Tasmania transmission developmentsTasNetworksUpgrades to the existing electricity network and potential new transmission corridorsRoute selection and landowner and community engagement
In Development
Circular HeadRobbins Island Renewable Energy ParkUPC RenewablesUp to 900 MWPreparing Development Application
Circular HeadWestern PlainsEpuronApprox. 50 MWPreparing Development Application
Waratah-WynyardGuildfordEpuronUp to 300 MWSite Investigations
BurnieHellyerEpuronUp to 150 MWSite Investigations

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Tasmanian energy fast facts

  • Tasmania is on track to become 100% self-sufficient in renewables by 2022
  • Tasmania now has a new renewable energy target - 200% of current needs by 2040
  • Tasmania is in the path of the Roaring Forties, winds that blow at consistently high wind speeds and are a fantastic wind resource!