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SteamFest is held on the second weekend of every March (a long weekend here!) in the lovely Cradle Coast town of Sheffield. Welcoming more than 8000 patrons, SteamFest is a festival like no other.

With more than 100 food and craft stalls set up across the site, steam machinery demonstrations running all day, the usually quiet surrounds filled with happy crowds, steam and smoke, engine sounds and the whistle of the steam train crossing the site all day long against the stunning backdrop of Mt Roland.

SteamFest is more than a gathering of one or two steam engines. There are many steam traction engines, the tractors of their day, still working as a living display. Many of these have close links with this area and were pivotal in the development of the Kentish region, and Tasmania more generally.  Additionally, there will be a number of steam rollers who will partake in the always popular steam roller tug of war and road rolling displays.  The traction engines drive one of the most complete sets of displays of steam power to be seen in Australia with steam powered rock crushing, threshing, straw pressing, chaff cutting and winching.

Get set for your adventure on 6-8 March 2021.