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Diverse and spectacular, Kentish boasts the quaint town of Sheffield, which is the major shopping centre, a thriving tourism area, and is the gateway to Cradle Mountain.  Sheffield is known as the Town of Murals, with 55 murals (and growing) depicting the pioneer history and the people of Kentish.  Kentish spans from Latrobe to Railton, through to Sheffield and over to Waratah, and throughout your travels you’re treated to mountainous backdrops and climbing winding roads. Home to world-renowned bush-walking and excellent accomodation and dining, Cradle Country draws visitors from all over to experience its magic.

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The Kentish Council area is located in north-west Tasmania, about 30 kilometres south of the Devonport CBD and 90 kilometres west of the Launceston CBD. The Kentish Council area is bounded by the Central Coast Council area and Devonport City in the north, the Latrobe Council area in the north-east, the Meander Valley Council area in the south-east and south, and the West Coast Council area and the Waratah-Wynyard Council area in the west.
  • Professional Couples and Families – 15.9%
  • Older Couples and Families – 23.1%
  • Elderly Couples – 14.4%


employed persons

Median House Price




The three main towns in Kentish are Sheffield, Railton and Wilmot. They’re each unique with picturesque mountain backdrops and strong ties to agriculture and bushwalking. Winding roads lead from the towns into alpine terrain and the iconic Cradle Mountain Lake St. Clair National Park. Sheffield, Railton and Wilmot enjoy quirky events, festivals and gatherings throughout the year which draws visitors from a variety of intrastate areas.



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