Tasmania’s lifestyle is the envy of many; with vibrant and welcoming communities and a wide range of opportunities, matched with short commutes, affordable property and a low cost of living. All of this means you can do more and still have the time and space to do what you love.

fall in love with The CRADLE COAST LIFE

Living on the Cradle Coast comes with many perks. Pace of life, business building opportunities and a community that welcomes with open arms.

Discover the Cradle Coast Regions

The Cradle Coast covers approximately one-third of Tasmania’s land mass and is divided into nine municipalities (or council areas). Each of these areas has their own distinct natural, historic and cultural characteristics.

Five reasons to pack up and move to the Cradle Coast

Thinking about trading traffic lights for rolling hills and open roads?

We have the perfect place in mind for a change of scenery that not only boasts magnificent landscapes right in your back yard, but also appeals to the purse, with some of Australia’s lowest cost of living. 

Tasmania’s economy is growing and thriving, and the Cradle Coast region is a perfect place for people all walks of life to set up and call home.

With lively little coastal towns, incredible regional local produce, and iconic, stunning landscapes, the Cradle Coast is a perfect place to start a life that operates around fresh air and freedom. 

If Tasmania’s Cradle Coast hasn’t been on your radar for a future home, it might just be time to make the shift.

From opportunities for young professionals to expand their careers to unlimited adventures just steps away from your house, your work-life balance will always remain intact.

As an added bonus, if you need to pop over to the mainland occasionally, you’re only a one-hour flight way.

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