Late last year, crews were dropped at locations including Black Bluff and St Valentines Peak to take photographs to be used to produce to-scale, line of sight photo montages. The views of the montages were identified as priority views from TasNetworks’ “Visual Impact and Assessment Feedback” and community and stakeholder engagement.

Development of overhead transmission lines changes the landscape and impacts visual amenity. The extent of change and impact on views varies along a chosen route and according to the values of residents and visitors. To gain a better appreciation for the landscape and visual impacts, TasNetworks commissioned a “viewshed” analysis. Viewshed analyses determine the area of land visible from various points or “viewpoints” in proximity to the proposed transmission line.
After TasNetworks’ community workshops in the North West of Tasmania on 20-21 March 2021, they have released land and visual impact assessment (LVIA) photo montages online. The LVIA are a series of 4 images for 4 locations that illustrate the scale and form of the proposed new assets at the following locations:

• View from Black Bluff
• View from Cruickshanks Lookout
• View from St Valentines Peak
• View from Paddy’s Lower

You can see the montages here