Aboriginal NRM

We pay respect to the traditional and original owners of the Cradle Coast region, the numdidermohedope, pennemuker, pendowte, pee.rapper, manegin, tarkiner, peternidic, mimegin, lowreene, ninene, needwonnee, noe.teller, plaire.heke.hiller.plue, tome.ginner and punniler.panner people and the many other Tasmanian Aboriginal groups who called this place home.

We pay respect to those that have passed before us and acknowledge today’s Tasmanian Aboriginal community who are the custodians of this land.

As you travel in the Cradle Coast region be aware that you are privileged to be on their lands… as you walk through the lands respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners, past and present… tread carefully knowing that the Tasmanian cultural landscape has very special meaning… it holds testament of a sophisticated community… one that still belongs here…

Aboriginal people have lived on the islands that make up lutruwita (lu-tru-ww-tah), now known as Tasmania, for many thousands of years, living interdependently with the lands throughout that time.

Many of the values Aboriginal people hold as important exist within and across the wider landscape. Respect, management and protection of those values is seen as a broad Tasmanian community responsibility.

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