There are 20 river catchments in the Cradle Coast region, with most flowing into the Bass Strait. These river systems support diverse and productive farmland, as well as providing habitat for some of our most iconic species, such as the Giant Freshwater Crayfish.

Cradle Coast Authority NRM focusses on maintaining the good water quality we have in most catchments, by working with landholders on projects to reduce sediment, nutrient and chemical run-off.

King Island is where our internationally-recognised Ramsar-listed wetland, Lavinia, can be found, and there is another significant wetland area in Robbins Passage, which is also home to significant numbers of migratory and resident shorebirds.

We have previously been involved in developing a Water Quality Improvement Plan for the Circular Head area, as well as community catchment health monitoring. Other water-themed project summaries and case studies can be found here.






Water documents

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