North West Tasmania’s electricity network will need to be upgraded to support continued supply of low-cost, reliable and clean energy to Tasmania and the National Electricity Market.

Although the existing transmission network in North West Tasmania is sufficient to service existing needs, upgrades to the existing networks as well as new routes will be required to increase network capacity and ensure the power system can accommodate developments proposed for the region and the energy market in the long term.

TasNetworks’ goal is to work with generators and other customers, and the community, to achieve a coordinated and improved transmission network that efficiently unlocks the North West Renewable Energy Zone.

Development of overhead transmission lines changes the landscape and impacts visual amenity. The extent of change and impact on views varies along a chosen route and according to the values of residents and visitors. To gain a better appreciation for the landscape and visual impacts, TasNetworks has commissioned a “viewshed” analysis. Viewshed analyses determine the area of land visible from various points or “viewpoints” in proximity to the proposed transmission line.

Based on priority views identified from TasNetworks’ recent “Visual Impact and Assessment Feedback” and community and stakeholder engagement, crews were dropped at Black Bluff and St Valentines Peak last week to take photographs that will be used to produce to-scale, line of sight photo montages.

Image: Project Marinus