The following Tips for Businesses in Tough Times provide forward-looking strategies to assist with business recovery.

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  • Perform a finance health check
  • Undertake a SWOT analysis
  • Review your business plan and rewrite where appropriate
  • Focus on innovation and efficiency
  • Take advantage of opportunities
  • Review and revise your marketing plan
  • Remain focused on improve cash position
  • Focus on improving profitability
  • Consider your funding options
  • Address the weaknesses in your business

You don’t have to go through this alone! These documents might help you identify areas where you would like some free help from one of our business mentors, or you might like a mentor to work through some of these documents with you.

CPA Australia COVID-19 Contingency Plan Template

Simple questions covering what to do to get ready for further disruption/restrictions.

CPA Australia Preparing For COVID-19 Guide

A good read on ways to minimise the impact.

CPA Business Recovery from COVID-19: Tips for Small Business

A comprehensive recovery guide.

The Digital Ready Website

Two hours of free digital coaching, as well as a wealth of material around cybersecurity, videoconferencing, and more.

Fair Work Ombudsman

Information about COVID-19 related stand-downs, flexible work arrangements, leave entitlements, etc.

Business Viability Assessment Tool

The ATO provides a free tool to to help you check the financial health of your business. It requires three months of figures.

Employment Issues

High-level guidance.

Tourism Tasmania – Virtual Backgrounds For Zoom

While you are virtually connecting with your colleagues you can share an inspirational and picturesque scene from Tasmania as your backdrop.

Business Tasmania

Business Tasmania is the Government’s official website for business.

The Wellbeing Toolkit

Free health and wellbeing courses for business owners, staff and others

Buy Something Tasmanian

A website created by Brand Tasmania where businesses can showcase and sell their products and services online.

Six Lessons For Growing Your Small Business

Podcasts – Strategy Development

A 12 minute overview of the importance of strategy and how to put strategy into action.

Podcast – Focusing On The Customer

A 15 minute podcast discussing developing your business through adding value for your client base.

Managing Through Peaks And Troughs

How To Create A Budget

Step by step tutorial for business owners.

Business Evaluation

Determining the financial health through ratio analysis and preparing a SWOT analysis.

Cashflow Statement Templates