Considering purchasing an electric vehicle for your next car? For the next two years, starting on the 1st of July 2021, the purchasing of either a new or used electric vehicle is exempt from stamp duty for Tasmanians. For a $40,000 car the saving could be $1600, and for a $70,000 car the saving could be $2800.

Around three quarters of typical household emissions in other states can come from electricity and gas consumption, with the remaining quarter coming mostly from the household’s light vehicles. In Tasmania, thanks to our 100% renewable electricity generation, households that run completely on the electricity grid (heating, lighting, cooking, etc) avoid producing those emissions – which could be around 13 tonnes of CO2-e less than households in other states.

In Tasmania, swapping out traditional cars to electric vehicles could save another 5 tonnes of CO2-e annually in a two-car household, again due the state’s 100% renewable electricity.

Image: EV charger in Devonport’s multi-story car park