The Clean Energy Council has reported that Australia has now reached 3 million rooftop solar systems installed on households and small businesses. Australia has by far the highest per-capita uptake of solar power in the world – 22 per cent higher per capita than the next highest countries, Germany and Japan. Solar PV supplied around 10% of Australia’s total electricity generation in 2020-21.
This milestone demonstrates what a significant role household decisions can play in reducing emissions. While not every property is suitable for solar panels, households can still choose to reduce emissions and improve indoor and outdoor air quality by choosing electric alternatives when replacing items such as heaters, water heaters, stoves, garden tools, pumps and vehicles.
The Australia Energy Foundation and TasNetworks are hosting a free Summer Energy Efficiency Webinar to discuss easy, cost-effective ways you can make your home cool and efficient ahead of summer. The online event is at 6:30pm tomorrow night.

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