Here’s some fantastic news for Tasmania’s renewable energy industry – Tasmania has dominated at the Clean Energy Council Industry Awards, with two out of the three Awards won by Tasmanian projects!

The 2021 Clean Energy Council Award winners are:

Innovation Award – Goldwind Australia designed and deployed the IdentiFlight system at the Cattle Hill Wind Farm in Tasmania, which uses high-precision optical sensors and artificial intelligence to detect endangered Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles and shut down wind turbines to avoid collision.

Community Engagement – Hydro Tasmania launched the COVID-19 Recovery Program to assist Tasmanian communities in overcoming the challenges associated with the pandemic.
Marketing and Communication Award – Synergy employed an innovative marketing approach to create interest in its Outreach initiative, a program designed to increase customers’ understanding of new energy technologies and improve their energy management.

You can find out more information about the Awards here
Image: One of Goldwind’s Identiflight tower-mounted optical units at Cattle Hill Wind Farm