Hannah Sadler
NRM Engagement Officer
E: P: (03) 6433 8446
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Summary: The Tasmanian Weeds Action Fund (WAF) is a $5 million State Government initiative, funded for five years from 2018/19. The funds provided by the WAF will be invested with farmers and other community organisations to tackle weeds that are impacting valuable agricultural and environmental assets. CCA have partnered with NRM North and NRM South to deliver Stage Two of the fund over the next three years, the fund will be available state-wide, and those interested in seeking funding should register their interest now.

Background: The WAF seeks to:

  • provide a more strategic and targeted approach to tackling high priority weeds that affect agriculture and the environment;
  • improve the productive value of agricultural land and protect Tasmania’s natural values through removing the harmful effects of serious weeds threats;
  • support landholders, local government and the broader community in tackling serious weeds with sustainable, long-term and effective actions;
  • ensure there is a strong, coordinated link between the different levels of government and the Tasmanian community in tackling serious weeds and the delivery of the WAF through the appointment of a Chair of the WAF; and
  • encourage the concept of “shared responsibility” for weed management and biosecurity in general and provide an opportunity for landowners to co-invest in removing the threat of serious weeds on their properties.

Register your interest: The next round of the WAF is on its way. A small grants round is set to open in spring, and another funding round to support larger-scale, more complex projects will be released later this financial year.

The timing of the rounds acknowledges landholders tackling complex weeds issues need time to build partnerships, access sound research, and commence strategic project planning.

Please register your interest in the fund and we will be in contact when the guidelines are released. Contact Hannah Sadler, NRM Engagement Officer via Email: or Telephone: (03) 6433 8446.

For information on the first stage of the WAF and how to identify and manage declared and environmental weeds, please visit: