UPDATE: The State has lodged a development application for the new visitor centre, and will also include a new viewing platform at Dove Lake, village hub and commercial centre.

Construction will start by the end of this year.

The new visitor centre, village precinct and Dove Lake shelter are expected to be completed by early 2019.

Future visitors to Cradle Mountain will be treated to incredible views of the mountain without having to leave the visitors centre.

“You’re going to be awestruck,” Cradle Coast Authority chief executive officer Brett Smith said.

“It’s really going to be an awesome project with lots of viewing points and better facilities for visitors when they arrive here.”

Environment and parks minister Matthew Groom announced on Saturday the development proposal for part of stage one of the Cradle Mountain Master Plan was lodged with Kentish Council.

Kentish Mayor Don Thwaites said he was excited about the plan, which is yet to be approved by the council.

We’re excited to release the Cradle Mountain Master Plan which we believe has real potential to reshape tourism and give a much-needed boost to our regional economy.

This plan is not just about breathing new life into a popular destination, rather it is about launching a new era in visitor experience and elevating the region and the State to a whole new global playing field.

The new Cradle Mountain will attract up to 80,000 more visitors a year and this means serious economic benefits to all who live and work in our region.

To attract visitors is one thing – catering for them is another. We need to keep them happy and here longer, and have them planning their next trip back again. Visitors will want great accommodation, well-planned adventures and tours, access to shopping, transport options, memorable dining experiences based on local produce and, above all, lasting memories that stay with them forever.

Not to mention an intimate experience with a World Heritage Area environment. Visitors will want to touch and smell and truly feel connected with Cradle Mountain and its spectacular landscapes, and unique and diverse flora and fauna. Our mountain has an atmosphere that inspires artists of all disciplines and ignites a certain something in us all.

But as the saying goes, what one man abhors, another adores. This is why the modern elements of the plan are non-obtrusive to the environment and work to decrease visitor footprint on the land itself and reliance on carbon fuels.

We’re looking at the perfect balance of infrastructure and nature, along with a mature complement of services and hospitality across the full range of visitors.

Jobs, business opportunities, entrepreneurship, and economic growth are all going to result. It’s how we all get involved and participate from here that will determine the future success of our jewel in the crown destination that is Cradle Mountain.

Want to see what the future could look like? Click the Youtube logo below to view the video.