The Cradle Coast is known for its amazing work life balance and close working community. No matter what your profession or skill level there are so many possibilities including both traditional and emerging roles. Working on the Cradle Coast could be the best career move you’ve ever made.

Few places in the world offer the unique combination of attributes that make the Cradle Coast so liveable. The choices are numerous: live a rural lifestyle with easy access to our cities and urban centres or enjoy a city lifestyle within proximity to all that Tasmania has to offer.

A dream job at Cradle Mountain Canyons

Anthony O’Hern was born in Burnie and spent his formative years on the North-West Coast of Tasmania visiting his grandparents.

“I always had an attachment to the place,” the founder and operator of Cradle Mountain Canyons said.

It was after exploring the canyons around Cradle Mountain that he came up with the idea to start an adventure tourism business in the region.

“I had been a river guide on the Franklin River during my summer holidays while at university. After I finished my studies in 2004, I took my paddle and spent the next five years travelling the world and working as a river guide.”

Keen to set up his own business, Anthony said he knew Dove Canyon, near Cradle Mountain, had amazing potential as a commercial canyoning tour business.

“It has a bunch of waterfalls and natural slides, is in a stunningly beautiful place and located next to an established tourism destination with hotels and all the other paraphernalia travelers need.”

He set up Cradle Mountain Canyons with his friend Tim Trevaskis in 2010.

“Over the past eight years it has grown well and won a bunch of awards and we now have a crew of 15 guides working for us in the summer.”

Now, with three young kids, Anthony said he leads a charmed existence.

“I live in the loveliest place in the world with a dream job taking happy travelers to stunning places they wouldn’t be able to get to without our help.”


It’s an exciting time to build a career on the Cradle Coast. With an enjoyable pace to every day life and close proximity to schools, shops, restaurants and activities, it’s a perfect balance of a buzzing and laid-back lifestyle. A smaller population allows for plenty of opportunities; bring your ideas and meet us on the Cradle Coast!

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There are many varying opportunities for employment across the Cradle Coast. With a slower pace of life and openness for new business ideas, the Cradle Coast is a perfect place to launch a career or create a new path.


From farm work to logistics and management positions, agriculture is core to the Cradle Coast economy and identity, and the job opportunities available vary, and are plentiful.


With the highest percentage of people employed in the health care industry on the Cradle Coast, there’s continued opportunity for employment in this field. Rural medical practice is growing and there is a need for skilled and passionate professionals.


The Cradle Coast is a region of makers and the manufacturing of goods is varied and plenty. As one of the highest contributors to employment on the Cradle Coast, there’s increasing employment opportunities in manufacturing fields.


The food and beverage industry on the Cradle Coast continues to thrive and grow. Known for excellent produce and innovative and award-winning producers, more and more opportunities for careers in the associate and allied industries are popping up across the coast.


The Cradle Coast sees an increase of visitors year over year and as a result the tourism industry is growing. There’s opportunities to gain employment with current operators in addition to bringing your own tourism business ideas to the region.


The Cradle Coast boasts natural resources which are exported both domestically and internationally. There are opportunities to work within the companies that mine, process and export these resources in varied positions across the region.


The opportunity for digital careers, technology businesses and start ups is just beginning to take off on the Cradle Coast. It’s a perfect time to bring an idea to the coast.


With the Cradle Coast region consisting of nine local government bodies, there are ongoing opportunities to begin or continue a career in public service.



The Department of Education is one of the largest government agencies in Tasmania. With  more than 50 schools spread throughout the Cradle Coast region, there are employment opportunities for all levels of teaching in both public and private education.

Top industries in the region

There are more than 44,000 full-time employed workers across the Cradle Coast, representing a range of different industries. While the industries which have the highest number of employees are health care, retail trade and manufacturing, the Cradle Coast also has strong employment opportunities in agriculture, fishing, forestry, mining and transport, particularly in comparison to other areas of the state.

We also see high employment rates in construction (7.4%), education and training (8.1%), accommodation and food services (7.2%). Emerging careers opportunities are also presenting themselves on the Cradle Coast, such a technology and digital-based jobs.


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