The International Renewable Energy Industry’s (IRENA) report “Renewable Energy: A Gender Perspective” gathered survey responses from around the world to understand facts and perceptions about gender equality in the industry, as well as solutions to overcome challenges facing it.

The study found that women represent a higher proportion of the renewable energy workforce than in traditional energy industries. The decentralized nature of renewables allows access to the industry at a community level, where women tend to have greater agency. Women are becoming increasingly interested in renewable energy, and greater participation by women allows the renewable energy sector to draw from a wider and deeper pool of talent. The looming skill shortages of the growing renewable energy sector could be minimised or avoided entirely by training and recruiting more women into the sector.

As a relatively new industry offering a wide range of careers, renewable energy has the opportunity to position itself early as a desirable industry for both men and women to work in.

You can read the report here