Cradle Coast Authority, Council & Government Tasmania

Our Regional Vision


The Cradle Coast Authority represents and advocates the needs of the North West region of Tasmania.

Our Regional Vision

A strong region of councils known for its positive people, sustainable economy, strategic thinking and the well-being of its communities.

Regional Goals

1. An adaptive and diverse economy built on the region's unique advantages and ideas.
  • 2. A long term view that helps us protect the region's natural and productive resources, respond to change and prepare for the future.

  • 3. An attractive place to live with inclusive communities, healthy people and unlimited access to information, education and employment opportunities.

  • 4. A role-model of regional governance that provides advocacy, coordination and leadership for its councils, their communities and their important issues.

Our Purpose

To represent our councils and their communities as a region.

We advocate by providing a strong, regional voice on important issues.

We enable cooperation by being a conduit for regional engagement and council collaboration.

We ensure coordination by supporting and directing strategic regional projects, functions and plans.



The Cradle Coast Authority Rules outline the functions and powers, financial contributions and membership of the organisation. The rules were last amended in the 2011/12 financial year.

Employer of Choice

The Cradle Coast Authority has been inducted to the Tasmanian Employer of Choice honour roll.

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