Margot Oorebeek PhD
Regional Cat Management Coordinator
E: T: (03) 6433 8456
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Have you always wondered where your cat goes when you see them leaving the house in the morning? At least 70% of cat owners allow their cat to roam away from their property, but do we really know where these cats go once we open the door?

The Cradle Coast Cat Tracker Project wants to unravel the mystery. Do they visit lots of other properties or do they cross any busy roads? Aren’t you curious to find out?

Project Description

We have tracked 20 cats in the Cradle Coast region using a light-weight GPS tracker attached to a cat harness. Each cat’s movements was recorded by a GPS tracker over a nine-day period. We will use this data to produce a map that will show us where the cats have gone and how far they travelled.

A similar project has been done in Adelaide and has produced some amazing maps. A lot of cats proved to be homebodies and moved only 100 metres from their house, while a few were more adventurous and roamed over a kilometre away. Most of the cats tracked in the South Australian study were city cats surrounded by busy roads and house blocks; we want to know what semi-urban cats get up to. With fewer busy roads and a more open landscape our cats in the Cradle Coast might travel much further afield.

This research will help us understand the movements of domestic cats in semi-urban areas and will assist cat owners with making informed decisions about their cat’s safety and care.

Ethical considerations

This research has been approved by the Tasmania Social Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee (project number 20261) and the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment Animal Ethics Committee (project number: 15/2019-20) under the title Domestic Cat Tracker Project (Pilot Investigation Cradle Coast Region).

This research is a partnership between Cradle Coast Authority and the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.