Australia’s renewable energy superpower potential

Last year, the global prices of gas fell to record lows as the coronavirus cut demand. In recent weeks however, prices in Asia have surged to all-time highs. In many Euopean countries such as Spain, cold weather has almost stopped renewable energy generation for days on end as snow covers solar panels and the air is still. Meanwhile, gas supply is tightening due to a shortage of available LNG vessels. [...]

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Work underway for 2022 Integrated System Plan

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has commenced work preparing its biennial Integrated System Plan (ISP). This plan outlines pathways for Australia's electricity grid to remain secure and reliable as it transitions from retiring coal-fired power stations towards dispersed and variable wind and solar generation. In last year's plan, five transition scenarios were modelled, ranging from "Slow Change", where technology cost reductions slow down and consumer motivation reduces, to [...]

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Interactive map for Marinus Link’s proposed route

Marinus Link's Route Options Report Overview was recently released. The document provides an overview of the route selection process and the proposed route for Marinus Link, with a focus on the land section. The report is a resource to inform the community and to outline opportunities to provide input into the project and development of the preferred route. Over the next few months, TasNetworks will be undertaking ecological, cultural [...]

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Offshore hydrogen microgrid could power off-grid, offshore industry

The Blue Economy CRC recently announced the acquisition of infrastructure to develop an offshore hydrogen microgrid for research and training. It consists of a 700kW electrolyser, a microturbine and a microgrid.The construction of the microgrid will take approximately one year with the final infrastructure anticipated to be co-located with the University of Tasmania in the North West.This will be the largest hydrogen electrolyser in Tasmania and amongst the largest in [...]

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Energy and Infrastructure Training Market Development Fund closes 5 February 2021

The Energy and Infrastructure Training Market Development Fund is a Department of State Growth program to support Tasmania to build a skilled workforce equipped with the expertise needed for major energy, infrastructure and related initiatives. The Fund provides grants to support the capacity building of training providers (including trainer recruitment, upskilling trainers and supporting trainers to relocate) as well as developing courses and delivery methods that meet the needs of [...]

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St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Community Information Sessions

Later this month, community information sessions will be held at Bothwell and Miena. You will be able to find out the latest about the proposed St Patricks Plains Wind Farm development in the Central Highlands, including a revised layout following completion of a number of specialist studies and extensive community consultation. RSVP by the 27th of January is essential. You can find out more here The sessions will be held [...]

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Building wind and solar generation across different states helps fill the gaps between supply and demand

Australia is the sunniest and windiest continent on earth. Three quarters of the nation's coal-fired power stations are already operating beyond their expected lifespans. As markets intentionally shift away from fossil fuels, our electricity grid is undergoing a global leading transition to renewable energy. Most of the new renewable energy generation being constructed is wind and solar. As coal fire power stations retire over forthcoming years, the National Electricity Market, [...]

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New Marinus Link and North West Transmission Brochures at the Hub

With the announcement of the preferred Marinus Link route and consultation underway from Heybridge to Palmerston, the Future Energy Hub now has a range of new brochures available from the Project Marinus team. You can find the Route Options Report Overview here You can get involved with TasNetworks' project community engagement here

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What’s planned in the renewable energy sector for 2021

After a year of steady progress across a number of fronts, Tasmania's renewable energy industry has ended the year with an upsurge in activity and progress, paving the way for what promises be an exciting new year in the sector. Here's a rundown on what we expect will happen in 2021 - there's a lot planned for next year! POLICY AND STRATEGY - The Renewable Energy Coordination Framework to support [...]

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A quick guide to finding Tasmania’s renewable energy information

Major recent announcements in Tasmania's renewable energy space will affect just about the whole Cradle Coast community, directly or indirectly. Whether you are interested in future employment opportunities, skills and training, business opportunities, or would just like to know how and where it all fits together - there are plenty of resources available. Here are some good places to start: To keep up with all of the news and announcements [...]

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