Fortescue's proposed green hydrogen facility to be located at Bell Bay was announced last year, with the Final Investment Decision due this year. The project has moved forward with TasPorts announcing today it has signed a 20 hectare land and access deal with Fortescue.The proposed project is a 250MW green hydrogen plant, with green ammonia production capacity of 250,000 tonnes per year for domestic and international export. It has the [...]

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North West Transmission Developments webinar

North West Transmission Developments information sessions continue this week at Burnie, Shorewell Park and Upper Burnie. Tomorrow, there is also a live webinar for more information about the proposed routes, and where you can ask questions online. If you can't make it to the webinar, the session will be recorded so you can watch it later. You can register for the webinar, and find out more about the project and [...]

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Celebrating Global Wind Day with Tasmania’s Wind Farms

To celebrate Global Wind day, let’s take a look back at Tasmania’s long and successful history of wind generation: King Island Wind Farm (also called Huxley Hill Wind Farm) started in 1998 (23 years ago!), with three 250kW wind turbines. In 2003, two 850kW turbines were added. The wind farm has a total capacity of 2.5MW, and provides 35% of the energy for King Island’s 1600 residents. Bluff Point Wind [...]

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National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quarterly Update: December 2020 released

The "National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quarterly Update: December 2020" has been released. It shows that Australia's emissions in 2020 were 5% lower than in 2019, and 20.1% below the 2005 baseline level under the Paris Agreement. Electricity generation continues to be the largest contributor of emissions, followed by stationary energy, transport, agriculture, fugitive emissions, industrial processes and waste. In the year to December 2020, emissions per person and the emissions [...]

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Western Plains Wind Farm drop-in session

Western Plains Wind Farm is a proposed wind generation project at the tip of the Stanley peninsula. The proposal is for 12 wind turbines with a capacity of 50.4 MW. The final Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan (DPEMP) are planned to submitted to Circular Head Council and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Tasmania in the next few months. Prior to finalising the DPEMP the project team is hosting a [...]

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North West Transmission Developments information sessions

Information sessions on the Project Marinus North West Transmission Developments project will be taking place in June. You don't need to book to attend, just come any time during the session that suits you. These information sessions are for everyone who has any interest in the project. To keep updated with the latest on the project, subscribe here

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The role of storage in Australia’s future electricity grid

The following article appeared in the most recent edition of the Choose Cradle Coast newsletter: The Clean Energy Council recently released a paper 'Battery Storage: The New, Clean Peaker'. The report undertakes a financial analysis of modern large-scale batteries and finds that up to a duration of around four hours, large batteries are able to replace the functions and would already be cheaper than constructing new gas peaking plants. Gas-fired [...]

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Sites to visit if you are heading to Agfest

Heading to Agfest? You can find Project Marinus at site M45, Hydro Tasmania at site 230, the University of Tasmania at site S65, Farmers for Climate Action at site 923 and the AEVA Australian Electric Vehicle Association Tasmania at site 923. Image: Agfest

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The Cradle Coast Future Energy Hub

What does the Cradle Coast Future Energy Hub do? The Future Energy Hub is located in Burnie, the heart of Tasmania's and the Cradle Coast's next generation of our state's renewable energy industry. The Hub: - has maps and the latest brochures from renewable energy projects - shares the latest information that effects the industry in the Cradle Coast such as State and Federal policy and decisions, training initiatives and [...]

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The Cradle Coast – a history of world-leading renewable energy innovation

Tasmania, particularly in the Cradle Coast, has a long history of renewable energy innovation. Tasmania's first hydroelectric power system was built at Mount Bischoff Tin Mine in 1883, and was one of the first in the world. World-leading innovation in renewable energy in the Cradle Coast continued through the 20th century. The Devils Gate Dam, built in 1969, was state-of-the-art for its time. It is recognised as one of the [...]

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