Thinking about trading traffic lights for rolling hills and open roads? We have the perfect place in mind for a change of scenery that not only boasts magnificent landscapes right in your back yard, but also appeals to the pocket book, with some of Australia’s lowest cost of living.

Tasmania’s economy is growing and thriving, and the Cradle Coast region is a perfect place for people from all walks of life to set up and call home. With lively little coastal towns, incredible regional local produce, and iconic, stunning landscapes, the Cradle Coast is a perfect place to start a life that operates around fresh air and freedom.

If Tasmania’s Cradle Coast hasn’t ever been on your radar for a future home, it might just be time to make the shift. From opportunities for young professionals to expand their careers to unlimited adventures just steps away from your house, your work/life balance will always remain in tact. As an added bonus, if you need to pop over to the mainland occasionally, you’re a short one hour flight from Devonport. If the blissful solitude meets coastal town vibes aren’t enough to make you want to set up in the Cradle Coast, we’ve got five fantastic reasons that might just change your mind.



Adventure and activity are a way of life on the Cradle Coast. With boundless wilderness at your doorstep and no traffic to fight getting out of town, moving to Tasmania’s Cradle Coast might just be the breath of fresh air you need. Locals enjoy pre and post-work activities and quick overnight camping adventures just down the road. Forget going solo on adventures (unless of course you would like to), but there are plenty of like-minded people across the region who will hike, bike, surf, run, kayak, explore and much, much more with you.


It’s no secret that Australian cities are expensive to live in, but did you know that Tasmania, and particularly the Cradle Coast region has some of the most affordable homes? In comparison to those major cities, you could double the amount of space you have, switching suburbia for an ocean view, and still have money in the bank. It might be time to ditch the busy city for peaceful mountains and seaside, and at the same time pad your pocketbook. Hurry though, our neighbouring region’s cost of living is increasing as the awareness grows, so it’s only a matter of time before ours does too. In terms of career possibilities, as with any growing economy there are plenty of opportunities to transfer a career to the Cradle Coast. There’s many businesses across the region who love to employ fresh minds and who would benefit from your special skills. Alternatively, working remotely has become a reality in a lot of career spaces, and what better place to sit back and work from home than in your new ocean (or mountain) view home in the Cradle Coast?


Imagine that every week on your grocery run you’re purchasing locally grown, insanely delicious and surprisingly affordable food. With both large and smaller grocers who are committed to serving up local produce, and culinary experiences at restaurants who employ highly regarded chefs – every day can be a foodie’s dream in the Cradle Coast. Not to mention delicious wine, craft beer, and award winning whiskey and gin. What if every Sunday afternoon was ticking off another spot on the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail? As a bonus, these lively little places often have great events on weekends where you can sit back on a patio, listen to music, laugh with friends and maybe even run into your neighbour.


Sit back and enjoy the view, we’re on island time here. Whichever neighbourhood you choose, friendly locals are always inviting their neighbours over to sit on their patios and enjoy food and wine. People understand what it is to slow down and enjoy the sights. The pace of life across the Cradle Coast moves to a relaxed tune, and you definitely won’t miss the traffic jams.


Our little island state sits in the the roaring forties, which are strong westerly winds found in the Southern Hemisphere, generally between the latitudes of 40 and 50 degrees. The strong west-to-east air currents are caused by the combination of air being displaced from the Equator towards the South Pole, the Earth’s rotation, and the scarcity of landmasses. Largely because of these winds, The Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station, located in the far north west of Tasmania’s Cradle Coast Region, regularly captures data as having the world’s cleanest air.

So, the only questions left to ask is who wouldn’t want to ditch city smog for a breath of the freshest air on earth?