There is remarkable energy in the Cradle Coast

For more than a century, renewable energy has been powering Tasmania. The state has one of the two large hydropower systems in the nation and some of the best wind resources in the world. This rich history and expertise in renewables positions Tasmania well for a changing energy future.

Australia is transitioning away from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources like wind and solar. Because wind and solar are variable in their supply, this transition is driving a need for energy storage, to keep the future power system reliable and stable.

Tasmania is in an enviable position. We can provide affordable, reliable, clean energy as well as the future back-up storage capacity the electricity system will need.

And the Cradle Coast is rapidly emerging as a centre for this renewable energy development, with our existing and new wind farms, and significant pumped hydro energy storage potential. This exciting future will be unlocked through more Bass Strait interconnection.

The Cradle Coast Future Energy Hub is your connection point to learning about Tasmania’s renewable energy future, showcasing the region’s future energy potential and what it could mean for the North West, and the state.

To ensure you can stay connected with what’s happening with renewable energy development, the Future Energy Hub has resources online (check out the menu on the left) and we’re available by phone or email. We look forward to helping you with your questions or concerns and providing information on what’s ahead.

Tasmanian energy fast facts

  • Tasmania is on track to become 100% self-sufficient in renewables by 2022
  • Tasmania now has a new renewable energy target – 200% of current needs by 2040
  • Tasmania is in the path of the Roaring Forties, winds that blow at consistently high wind speeds and are a fantastic wind resource!