Cradle Coast’s lifestyle is the envy of many; with vibrant and welcoming communities and a wide range of opportunities, matched with short commutes, affordable property and a low cost of living. All of this means you can do more and still have the time and space to do what you love.


Welcome to the Cradle Coast where investors locate for success and individuals locate for productivity and lifestyle.

Drawing upon unique investment and lifestyle advantages, Tasmania’s Cradle Coast offers the perfect ecosystem in which to locate operations in well-established sectors of advanced manufacturing, agribusiness and tourism. It also is an ideal location for emerging sectors in renewable energy, shared service centres, data centres and agri-tourism.

Home to over 7 800 businesses, the Cradle Coast delivers $6 billion in Gross Regional Product. With its lifestyle offering, it is the place to live and work. With continued strong competition for the best talent, the Cradle Coast is an ideal place to offer the flexibility of working remotely and for you and your business to relocate. READ MORE…