Pursuing opportunities for our business, our owners and our region.

The Strategic Services function is headed up by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer and internally focuses on financial and operational performance, culture and planning, while externally the focus is on pursuing funding, partnerships and other opportunities which will benefit the business, the region and our Member Councils.

Key activities of this part of the business include:

  • Advocating and acting on behalf of Councils
  • Assisting with the implementation of shared services and collaborative working arrangements
  • Promoting local government careers and helping Councils with workforce development
  • Increasing organisational performance

While there are many good examples of shared services across the region, General Managers and other stakeholders have consistently stated the absence of a dedicated coordination role is a major impediment for further shared services implementation. CCA took this feedback on board and responded to it through our 2019/20 Annual Plan and Budget.

Endorsed by the Representatives in May 2019, the 2019/20 Annual Plan and Budget established a new direction for CCA, with a clearer purpose, a new Strategic Services function, actions and key deliverables relating to Shared Services. During 2019/20 CCA developed a Shared Services Strategy which was endorsed by the Representatives in February 2020.

CCA’s role in shared services is not to dictate or control, but to help Member Councils achieve the benefits they desire, through coordination, encouragement and professional service delivery.

The Shared Services Strategy identifies a number of opportunities and initiatives CCA will pursue with Member Councils.

Principles which underpin our approach to shared services:

  1. Act! Let’s choose some low risk, low hanging fruit and pursue some quick-wins.
  2. Quick-wins and collective action will help build the trust and capability required to pursue more complex shared service solutions over time.
  3. Maintaining the status quo is not an option; public expectations and economic reality demand we do thing differently.

A Shared Services Action Plan for 2020-21 was developed to focus on Council priorities post COVID-19.  These priorities align with the Annual Plan 2020-21 are initiatives / projects identified in the strategy which we will help facilitate with Councils.

A range of opportunities and initiatives were identified and assessed through the development of the Shared Services Strategy and to commence the implementation of the Shared Services Strategy, CCA as adopted two approaches:

  1. Initiatives CCA will lead and deliver.
  2. Initiatives CCA will help Councils progress.

In addition to our shared services work, CCA also provides a range of professional service offerings to Member Councils, services currently provided include:

  • Audit Panel
  • Internal Audit
  • Business Planning / Strategic Plan development
  • Workforce Planning

Other Services include:

  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Organisational Culture Development & Planning
  • Training Coordination