Granville Harbour Wind Farm

The Granville Harbour Wind Farm is located near Zeehan, on the picturesque West Coast of Tasmania.

The Wind Farm’s 31 latest-technology Vestas turbines can generate up to 112 megawatts of clean, renewable energy. This is enough electricity to power around 46,000 homes – or equivalent to almost every household in the North West of Tasmania.

The $280 million Wind Farm capitalises on Tasmania’s enviable wind potential and will help Tasmania achieve its goal of becoming 100 percent reliant on renewable energy by 2022.

Construction of the wind farm is expected to be complete by late 2020.


Tasmania has some of the best wind resources in the world and the Granville Harbour Wind Farm site is particularly well located given its proximity to prevailing westerly winds. The site was also considered ideal for a wind farm because of the relatively low population and working farm environment.

About the wind farm

Granville Harbour Wind Farm is expected to be one of the most productive and efficient wind farms in Australia – producing around 400 gigawatt hours of clean energy every year.

Each of the wind farm’s 31 turbines reach almost 200 metres above ground level at the blade tip – making these the tallest in Tasmania at the time of construction.

The wind farm sends renewable energy to Tasmanian homes and businesses via an 11-kilometre, 220kV transmission line that connects to the electricity grid near the Reece Dam and Power Station.

Benefits to the region

The construction of Granville Harbour Wind Farm has delivered a significant boost to the local economy through investment in local suppliers, flow-on benefits to local businesses and new employment opportunities.

The Wind Farm’s annual Community Grants Program provides up to $20,000 funding each year to eligible West Coast groups and projects that will benefit the local community.

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Tasmanian energy fast facts

  • Tasmania is on track to become 100% self-sufficient in renewables by 2022
  • Tasmania now has a new renewable energy target – 200% of current needs by 2040
  • Tasmania is in the path of the Roaring Forties, winds that blow at consistently high wind speeds and are a fantastic wind resource!