Backing for Tasmania’s energy future

As Tasmania powers ahead with its renewable energy ambitions, the projects are receiving strong support from all levels of government. Significant levels of government investment to advance the projects demonstrates the high level of confidence in supporting Tasmania’s future energy potential.

The table below details this support.

Hydro Tasmania and TasNetworks continue to work closely with the Tasmanian and Federal Governments to progress the opportunities. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has supported the Battery of the Nation and Marinus Link projects with funding through its Advancing Renewables Program.

The Federal Government also announced the “Energising Tasmania” initiative. This will see the delivery of fee-free training and support for fee costs, supporting Tasmania to develop a skilled workforce equipped with the expertise needed for the pipeline of renewable energy projects under investigation and in development.

Support will also be provided for industry engagement, workforce planning and development, and building training provider capacity.

Project NameTotal ValueFunding ProvidersStatus
Energising Tasmania$17,000,000100% Australian GovernmentCurrent
Project Marinus
Project Marinus: Further Bass Strait Interconnection$20,000,00050% ARENA
50% Tasmanian Government
Project Agreement for Marinus Link$56,000,000100% Australian GovernmentCurrent
Battery of the Nation
Concept study of Tasmanian pumped hydro options$601,00050% ARENA
50% Hydro Tasmania
Pre-feasibility study for pumped hydro options$1,430,00050% ARENA
50% Hydro Tasmania
Pumped hydro feasibility study – identifying the first siteUp to $30,000,000100% Hydro TasmaniaCurrent
Repurposing the Tarraleah Hydropower Scheme$5,000,00050% ARENA
50% Hydro Tasmania
Augmenting the hydropower system$1,000,00050% ARENA
50% Hydro Tasmania
Future energy market analysis – Stage 1$1,000,00050% ARENA
50% Hydro Tasmania
Future energy market analysis – Stage 2$1,000,00050% ARENA
50% Hydro Tasmania

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Tasmanian energy fast facts

  • Tasmania is on track to become 100% self-sufficient in renewables by 2022
  • Tasmania now has a new renewable energy target - 200% of current needs by 2040
  • Tasmania is in the path of the Roaring Forties, winds that blow at consistently high wind speeds and are a fantastic wind resource!