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Cradle Mountain commitment a welcome boost

The Cradle Coast Authority welcomes the Hodgman Liberal Government’s commitment of $35 million to the Cradle Mountain Master Plan.

Premier Will Hodgman announced today an investment of $30 million in a Cradle Mountain cable-way which will aim to ease issues of access for visitors to Dove Lake.
An additional $5 million has been committed to develop an iconic tourism experience with the private sector.

The announcement comes off the back of Monday’s meeting between the leaders of the Cradle Coast’s councils and the CCA with Premier Will Hodgman, the Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockliff and Braddon MPs Roger Jaensch and Joan Rylah. 
The Cradle Mountain Master Plan sits at the top of the regional priorities as determined by the region’s local government leaders as presented recently to both the State Government and the State Labor Opposition.
 “We strongly welcome additional funding from the next Tasmanian Government to see this project realised,” CCA Chief Representative and Central Coast Mayor Jan Bonde said.

The Opposition leader Rebecca White and Labor Member for Braddon Shane Broad met with the Cradle Coast Authority and Representatives in mid-November and after that meeting advised that Labor’s alternate budget allocated $30 million for the Cradle Mountain Master Plan.
“We thank both parties for their major commitment of funds and interest in investing in our region,” Mayor Bonde said. 

“As a result of working collaboratively and committing to a smaller number of significant regional priorities, we are doing less, doing it better and doing it together.”   
“The visitor economy is clearly a priority for the State Government, and we welcome their commitment to honouring the revitalisation of a tourist-attracting icon such as Cradle Mountain,” Chair of the CCA Sid Sidebottom said. 
“We are also thrilled at the opportunities that spring from private investment, and strongly welcome the announcement of the Expression of Interest process for the development proposal at the Gateway Precinct.
“Cradle Mountain is the number one tourism destination in the State. It’s in our region and we want to see the infrastructure that supports the Cradle Mountain experience greatly improved.  
“We now call on the Federal Government and the Federal Opposition Leader to complement this funding to guarantee not just a revitalised Cradle Mountain experience, but to invest in what is a world-leading nature-based tourism icon,” Mr Sidebottom said. 

Councils release shared services project report

The Minister for Planning and Local Government and the Cradle Coast Representatives recently attended a joint briefing on the Cradle Coast Authority Shared Services Project report.
The report explored opportunities for improving the delivery of council services.
The report noted that the Cradle Coast regional councils have been collaborating in various forms, and that more significant benefits can be realised through a broader application of shared service arrangements across the Councils.
We acknowledge that the report suggests potential savings of $9m, a figure which can only be verified as we explore the recommendations in more detail and noting that this figure does not factor in initial investment costs.
While we are currently working together in areas including procurement, information technology and waste management, we welcome the report as we are continually looking at ways to proactively deliver services in the best interest of our ratepayers.

PICTURED: Minister for Local Government Peter Gutwein, Cradle Coast Authority Chief Representative and Central Coast Mayor Jan Bonde, and Deputy Chief Representative and Latrobe Mayor Peter Freshney. 

Western Journeys driving tourism dispersal to state’s west

Making travel easy for visitors by breaking the island into a series of iconic and distinct journeys is the motivation behind the Western Journey Project.

Developing a user-friendly touring route that takes in destinations, experiences and the iconic West Coast wilderness along the way allows for opportunities to better engage touring visitors in the many different experiences and destinations on their journey as they travel through western Tasmania. 

“This is an exciting collaboration between the Regional Tourism Organisations and councils that boasts great potential for tourism operators on the West Coast,” the Cradle Coast Authority’s Theresa Lord, Manager, Regional Tourism said.

“We are looking forward to the issues we have with dispersal being addressed by keeping visitors in the area longer to truly experience one of the most diverse, historic, spectacular, challenging yet rewarding drive journeys anywhere in Australia.

The Cradle Coast Authority as the Regional Tourism Organisation has been working with the West Coast Council by delivering a Destination Action Plan (DAP) that prioritises: 
increased visitor length of stay;
increased visitor dispersal (geographically and seasonally);
as well as information provision, way finding, interpretative signing and storytelling.

 “Both the West Coast Wilderness Railway and The Unconformity Festival were just last week recognised at the Tasmanian Tourism Awards as the best in the state, so the experiences are there, but introducing the Western Journey will now assist with dispersal.

“I’m looking forward to this new west coast journey attracting more visitors travelling from both the north and south to spend time and money across the west coast region.

“The success of the Great Eastern Drive is inspirational, and we know car travel is an increasingly popular mode of travel for many of our visitors to Tasmania,” Ms Lord said.

Passengers on the Spirit of Tasmania increased in 2016/17 by four per cent to 433,925 – the highest figure reported since 2004 and these passengers spent more than $540 million in Tasmania.

“This is a great outcome for Tasmanian businesses and the economy as those who arrive via the Spirits traditionally bring their cars, stay longer and visit more regions than those that arrive by air.” 
The Tasmanian Government will contribute $500,000 to the Western Journey project which will be led by the Tourism Industry Council Tasmania in partnership with Destination Southern Tasmania and the Cradle Coast Authority.

PICTURED: Tasmanian Premier and Minister for Tourism Will Hodgman with the Cradle Coast Authority’s Manager of Regional Tourism Theresa Lord (left) and CEO of Destination Southern Tasmania Melinda Anderson at Lake St Clair for the official launch of the Western Journey Project.