The Cradle Coast Authority (CCA) and our Member Councils are very concerned by the news that the Quoiba saleyards are set to be closed and decommissioned by mid-2020.

The reasons and the implications are not widely understood, therefore CCA and our Member Councils call on the Tasmanian Government to convene an urgent meeting with Roberts Livestock, our Regional Economic Development Steering Group, Mayors and other relevant stakeholders to explore alternatives and look at ways to reduce the impact on farmers. The impact on livestock transport businesses, especially small-scale ones, must also be considered.

CCA is willing to facilitate and host such a meeting and to play an ongoing role in supporting farmers.

A closure would require farmers to spend more time and money transporting livestock to the alternative saleyards at Powranna and would be a major blow for our region.

“Farming is already a tough game and margins are tight. Any additional time and money that farmers have to spend on getting their livestock to market is time and money that they can’t spend in their local community. There are both social and economic implications.” said CCA CEO, Daryl Connelly.

“We have a good working relationship with Minister for Primary Industries, Guy Barnett, and we are confident that we can work effectively with him on this.”