The Food Producers Network, which is an initiative of the Regional Futures Plan, has been established to facilitate a collaborative business model for food businesses in the Cradle Coast region. This network will help see new food, beverage and agritourism businesses start up and will assist many existing businesses scale and grow.

The Cradle Coast region has over 1400 registered food and agri-food businesses  with hotspots for agriculture in Central Coast and Circular Head communities. Aquaculture and Fishing is also a focus for businesses in Circular Head and King Island with Food and Beverage Manufacturing undertaken by over 50 businesses throughout the region.

The Tasmanian Agri-food Industry Scorecard 2017-18 demonstrates that the Cradle Coast region is the leader in agriculture production in the State, with 17% of Tasmania’s farmland we produce 39% ($628M) of Agriculture’s gross value to the Tasmanian economy. This enhanced value from our agricultural land is obtained by the value adding undertaken by food manufacturing in the region; processing has increased Tasmanian gross food value by 84.0% to a wholesale value of $4.63 billion in 2017-18. Cradle Coast is the strongest region in Tasmania for dairy and vegetable production.

Through the Cradle Coast Regional Futures Plan this initiative aims to increase the number of businesses undertaking food and beverage processing and manufacturing in the region and supporting startups and existing businesses reach for their next goals. It also aims to assist businesses looking to expand into agri-tourism to further develop the regions tourism offering.



For Remote Business Owners (such as King Island)

Seedlab Tasmania are going to video an info session (mid-Feb) and the first Masterclass (Devonport 6th April) and this will be available on their website. Many Seedlab general information videos are already available at

Assistance will be provided for eligible Germinate applicants for flights to get to training sessions. This will be considered on a case by case basis. After registering for Germinate online, Seedlab Tasmania will follow up applicants by phone to ascertain what they need. These individual consultations with businesses/start ups will be to find out more and determine eligibility.

If established businesses are interested in the Masterclasses then they should contact to register interest and any details regarding webinars will be made available. Webinars are likely to be free but may require a login.


Cradle Coast Authority (CCA) has partnered with Seedlab Tasmania to provide discounted Masterclasses and events for food and agribusinesses in 2020 and 2021.

Half day classes with leading industry figures will be provided in Devonport, Smithton and Wynyard during the course of the next two years. The topics will be varied and could include tips for export success, shelf stable products, development, digital technologies, packaging, supply and value chains, product development, brand extension, collaboration, product testing and agritourism.

Seedlab Tasmania is a new organisation that is providing support to emerging and established food and agribusinesses in Tasmania. They will provide three programs:

Germinate – a free 2 day workshop for startups looking to export a food product.

Cultivate – an intensive 6-month accelerator program free for graduates of Germinate and available at cost to all established businesses.

Propagate – a monthly masterclass on topics of interest to the industry featuring globally recognised speakers, free for Germinate and Cultivate graduates and available for all businesses at a full cost of $195 + GST.

Cradle Coast Authority is providing a half price discount for businesses located in the region to attend the Propagate Masterclasses and events delivered here.

If you are interested in the classes and would like to be provided with a discount code please email Cradle Coast Authority at Please include the topics of interest that you would most like to be available in the region and at which location you would prefer the sessions to be provided, your business name and location. There will be a limited number of discount tickets so we request that you plan for 1 discount ticket per business per event. There will be opportunity for networking with other producers at each event.

Further information about Seedlab Tasmania, all future events and training including bookings see Seedlab Tasmania website and social media. If you are interested in the Germinate or Cultivate programs contact Seedlab Tasmania directly to see if you are eligible for free training and mentoring or if you are an established business what the cost of attendance might be.