Nick Jamson
NRM Project Coordinator
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Summary: Improving the condition and the long-term protection of Coastal Saltmarsh and feeding habitat for migratory and resident birds, by targeting the primary ecological threat of Rice Grass through control and containment.

Project description: This project will significantly reduce the estimated 659 ha Rice Grass-impacted area in the Rubicon-Port Sorell Estuary. Rice Grass (Spartina anglica) is an invasive estuarine weed that competes with native estuarine and saltmarsh vegetation, reduces suitable feeding habitat for migratory and resident birds and fish, restricts water and nutrient flow, invades commercial oyster leases, and traps sediment causing build-up of banks impacting recreational areas.

Through a partnership with Latrobe Council, Cradle Coast Authority will treat and kill all Rice Grass infestations north of a containment line between Squeaking Point and Eagle Point to establish a Rice Grass Free Zone. The project will also aim to treat some of the extensive infestations south of the containment line to allow natural restoration of native habitat.

Regional Land Partnerships projects are supported by Cradle Coast Authority, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.