At the 2020 CEC Clean Energy Forum last week, Minister for Energy and Emissions Reductions Angus Taylor noted that there has been significant interest in this years’ national $70 million (ARENA) Renewable Hydrogen Development Round attracted 36 expressions of interest for funding towards projects with a total value of over $3 billion. Running concurrently, Tasmania’s $50 million Renewable Hydrogen Fund, the biggest in the nation, is still open. Green hydrogen and the Cradle Coast’s clean energy are a perfect combination #cradlecoastgoodenergy #hereforgood

Green hydrogen supports the transition to renewable electricity generation because it decouples mismatched generation and usage in both location and time.

Under this year’s national Hydrogen Development Round, projects must use zero emission energy to be eligible – either through on-site renewable generation or through purchasing offsets. These means projects in Tasmania simply using Tasmania’s electricity grid could make significant savings on their emission offset costs compared to using grid energy in other states:
– 72% compared to South Australia
– 82% compared to Queensland
– 83% compared to NSW
– 87% compared to Victoria

For example, a hydrogen plant consuming 10GWh per year will generate over 10,000 less tonnes of CO2 per year using grid electricity in Tasmania compared to Victoria. That’s a great reason to invest in the Cradle Coast!

These savings were estimated using the Carbon Neutral calculator at