The Cradle Coast Regional Investment Framework is a method to seek community support for a regionally significant project that will make a difference to the region’s development.

The Cradle Coast Authority (CCA) supports the Regional Investment Framework process seeking advice from the Regional Economic Development Steering Group and Natural Resource Management Committee to recommend a register of projects. CCA’s Member Councils review the register and assist in lobbying for state and federal government funding for projects. The CCA does not allocate funding to projects and this is not a funding process.


The CCA will maintain a list of regionally important projects, projects will be reviewed and updated annually. The first list was released in early 2020. The purpose of the list is for our region to speak with one voice in support of projects that will drive positive economic change. The CCA can help by advocating for projects to:

  • be funded (by State or Federal Government)
  • be located in the Cradle Coast region as opposed to elsewhere
  • gain community support
  • be expanded or hastened
  • benefit from Local Government collaboration or other support

Both infrastructure projects and “soft projects” (e.g. programs or initiatives) will be considered.

If you have a project that would benefit from the CCA becoming involved, you can submit a Project Concept Brief. Please contact for further information and the relevant form.

How will the CCA advise on regional priorities?

The Regional Economic Development Steering Group and Natural Resource Management Committee will consider project proposals against criteria largely developed from the Regional Futures Plan. They will consider the project’s regional significance, sustainability, community engagement and ability to contribute to the region economically. They will also consider a project’s readiness and need for advocacy. For more information see the summarised Futures Plan here.


Step 1 Read the Support for Applicants information pack here

Step 2 Request a Project Concept Brief form, and seek assistance if required from

Step 3 Fill in the template and obtain a letter of support from your local Council, Chamber of Commerce or similar organisation

Step 4 Submit to CCA via email

Step 5 Projects are assessed by the CCA at least quarterly

Step 6 Feedback is provided on your submission

Stage 6 CCA releases updated Cradle Coast Regionally Important Projects Register


Your project is regionally important if it involves one or more of the following:

  • delivery in two or more local government areas
  • collaboration between multiple organisations
  • >$5M project cost
  • >5 ongoing workers
  • >50 workers during implementation
  • additional economic benefits such as >100 indirect jobs.

Does your project contribute to jobs growth, new business opportunities, increased skills in the workforce, attract people to the region or support them to stay? These activities will help our economy grow. 

Does your project use the resources of the region sustainably and consider the future users of the region? . Projects that improve the environment for future users are encouraged.

Does your project contribute to the community, understand the Cradle Coast region’s needs and engage with the community in project design and implementation? Projects that improve the engagement of community in regional development are encouraged.

Your project will contribute to one or more areas that will grow our capabilities such as:

  • education and training
  • population growth
  • increased liveability such as better health care services
  • community participation in arts and culture
  • entrepreneurship
  • business growth
  • more jobs building infrastructure projects or
  • ongoing jobs in mining, manufacturing, energy, agriculture or tourism
  • environmental improvement
  • community based regional development
If you want to submit a project into the Projects Register but it is being managed by another organisation please ensure that you have their permission to submit their project.

How do you know if your project is ready to be listed on the Projects Register?

The Projects Register listing can help promote and support your project to achieve its goals. The level of help that the CCA can provide is dependent on your project’s maturity. Most projects go through four stages:

Concept => Business Case => Design => Construction/Implementation

Projects in the Business case or Design stage that are seeking funding to proceed or expand are most likely to benefit from being on the Projects register. Projects in the Concept stage are not ready for full support but could be supported by the CCA to seek funding for a feasibility study or business case development. For projects in the Design or Construction/Implementation stage, the CCA may be able to raise awareness of your project in the community or enhance collaboration.

Projects that are under Construction/Implementation or that already have funding are able to apply to be on the project register if they need assistance from the CCA to gain community support, expand the project or gain collaboration across council areas. If you’re unsure please contact the CCA.

Regionally Important Projects

Natural resource management – Natural environment investment fund (NEIF)

Cradle Coast Regional Digital Connectivity

Small Business Co-Investment Fund

Don River Tourist railway and museum upgrades

A new purpose-built facility for the Slipstream Circus

Sealing of the Western Explorer Road

Jobs transport independence project

Tayatea walking trail

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