Matthew Dickson
Council Workforce Development Officer
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Our Member Councils are looking to provide more jobs for young people through a project being managed by Cradle Coast Authority (CCA) and supported by the Tasmanian Government.

CCA’s Local Government Australian School-based Apprenticeship Program is funded by the Australian Government under the $3.9 million North-West Tasmania Job Ready Generation Package. It will involve CCA taking on a coordination and support role aimed at making it easier for Councils, schools and young people to navigate school-based apprenticeships. If successful, the approach may be rolled out across other industries.

The project builds on other work currently being undertaken by CCA and its Member Councils which involves seventy jobseekers participating in employability skills training and being provided with Council work experience opportunities.

Both projects serve a dual role for CCA, firstly, these projects align closely with our Regional Futures Plan, which is all about creating more jobs and better jobs. They allow us and Councils to walk the talk and model best practice in terms of helping people gain meaningful employment.

Secondly, both projects will increase the profile of Council jobs. Councils offer an exciting range of careers which are vital for the community. We’re really excited by the prospect of participants starting off on work experience or as a school-based apprentice and going on to have long, rewarding careers making a difference through local government.

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